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Beijing Company Tax Filing Service

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Beijing Company Tax Filing Service

Beijing Company Tax Filing Service:
The enterprise income tax, from the year of start production, management, should be in accordance with the "provisional regulations on enterprise income tax and its implementing rules and regulations, to be refunded. Enterprise income tax payable or refundable amount, calculated by the taxpayer according to tax law on its own, the annual taxable income and income tax payable, after deduction of the advance payment tax year should fill (back) tax calculated, and fill out the annual income tax return and other relevant information, in the tax law during the reporting period, to the competent tax authorities where the annual tax return and pay the payment of taxes, go through the formalities for tax refund) (or application.

Beijing Company Tax Filing Service Process:
1. the first to open a bank tax agreement (with related documents)
2. report to the national tax, fill out the company's basic information.
3. after the report, with the member that agreement to find tax deducted for online tax deduction, for after what shall pay tax (usually the business tax and surcharge) will give the company a user name and password.(sign (binding) online tax and tax, duty, if any, to handle the duty, land tax, if no duty, then only go through the land tax.)
4. then report to the local tax, fill out the financial system and the software for the record report:
5. buy the invoice

Beijing Company Tax Filing Service Required Documents;
1. a copy of the business license is
2. tax registration certificate is copy
3. code certificate copy
4. account opening permit
5. a legal person id photocopy
6. the agreement that rent a house
7. rental invoice
8. and seal
9. the company's articles of association

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