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Beijing overseas investment enterprises

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Beijing overseas investment enterprises establishment is subject to project-by-project examination, approval and registration by the government in Beijing in accordance with the existing laws of China.

In general, the following steps should be followed for the establishment of Beijing overseas investment enterprises: 

Beijing Overseas Investment Enterprises - Project Proposal
Submit the project proposal to the relevant department of Beijing (planning department or technological renovation administration) and get approval before investors can proceed with various jobs centered round the feasibility study of the project. 

Beijing Overseas Investment Enterprises - Feasibility Study Report
Submit the feasibility study report to the planning department or technological renovation administration of Beijing and get approval before investors can sign legal documents, such as the contract and articles of corporation of the enterprise. 

Beijing Overseas Investment Enterprises - Contract and Articles
Submit the contract and articles of corporation of the enterprise to the examination and ratification department in Beijing, who shall issue the Approval Certificate for Enterprises with Foreign Investment after approval by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. 

With the Approval Certificate issued by the examination and ratification authorities, the investors can go through registration procedures with the administration of industry and commerce in Beijing. 

The procedures for the establishment of enterprises with foreign investment in Beijing are quite simple. After the initial project application is approved in writing by the examination and ratification authorities, the investors may submit a formal application, with articles of corporation and other required documents. On receipt of the Approval Certificate, they can proceed with the registration formalities by presenting the Approval Certificate. 

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