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Beijing WFOE Company Set up

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WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprise) is a business entity formed in China entirely with foreign capital. It is totally under foreign control and does not have any formal Chinese ownership participation. For a foreign company to be able to issue receipts and export goods from China, it must be able to legally registered as a local company or a WFOE. A WFOE is set up as limited liability entity and represents separate legal persons and is taxed according to local legislation.
Beijing WFOE Registration is also called Beijing WFOE setup, Beijing WFOE formation, Beijing WFOE incorporation and Beijing WFOE establishment.

Beijing WFOE Company Set up-Advantages of WFOE in Beijing
Foreign company registered in Beijing, Beijing advantage without the requirement of the registered capital, not only save the start-up cost spending, has saved the time: the endowment, capital verification, change the business license of the time, greatly improving the efficiency of company registration;

2.Beijing foreign company registered geographical advantage, Beijing is the capital of our country, which combines political, cultural, economic and other diversified city, can be diversified development company in the industry;Also the company is headquartered in Beijing, radiation throughout the country to Beijing;

3.Beijing foreign company registration of foreign exchange advantages, a wholly foreign owned enterprise can be registered in the company, also can apply for foreign exchange, set up a foreign currency account, saved for late time;

Beijing WFOE Company Set up-Application Documents for WFOE in Beijing
Investors for the foreign company registration certificate (chinese-foreign control) and the legal representative passport;
2.The new company legal person passport copy, 
3.The application form;
4.Feasibility study report;
5.Articles of association;
6.Members of the board of directors appoint letter;
7.Members of the board of directors identification;
8.Investors have legitimate business;
9.Investors reference;
10.The certificate of using the new set up company property (including the agreement that rent a house, house property card, copy);
11.Business name registration approval notice (copy).

Beijing WFOE Company Set up-General service content.
1.Name authorization;
2.Business bureau approval: no fees, according to the specific circumstances;
3.Organizations with code (bureau of technical supervision);
4.Enterprises with foreign investment approval certificate copy;
5.Business license of enterprise legal person is copy.
6.Official seal, contract seal, financial seal or the special invoice seal, the legal representative of right one;
7.Organization code certificate, copy and legal code certificate;
8.The tax registration certificate (positive, copy), the registration form;
9.Statistical card (is, copy);
10.Business registration certificate of foreign exchange;
11.The copy of registration certificate, and the registration form.
Total Time required-7~8 weeks.

Beijing WFOE Company Set up-Taxation service content of WFOE in Beijing
1, the first to open a bank tax agreement (with related documents)
2, report to the national tax, fill out the company's basic information.
3, after the report, with the member that agreement to find tax deducted for online tax deduction, for after what shall pay tax (usually the business tax and surcharge) will give the company a user name and password.(sign (binding) online tax and tax, duty, if any, to handle the duty, land tax, if no duty, then only go through the land tax.)
4, then report to the local tax, fill out the financial system and the software for the record report:
5, buy the invoice

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