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How to Invest in China

Update Date:2016-1-28 10:52:04 Source:BeiJing Tannet Views:1955
1.Buy shares in a China mutual fund.
You will be paying a fee for the services of an expert fund manager to pick the best Chinese stocks. Fund managers use some of strategies listed below, but they can also make some investments that are not possible for individual investors. Mutual fund companies Dreyfus, AIM and Oberweis Securities offer China funds.
2.Purchase shares of exchange traded funds that specialize in China.
The iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index fund holds the 25 largest and most frequently traded Chinese companies. An index fund will have lower fees because it is not actively managed, it maintains the same holdings unless the index is revised.

3.Look for companies selling new products in China or introducing old products to the Chinese market for the first time.
International expansion is a large source of growth, and thereby increased value, for some of these companies. Many multinationals are traded on American exchanges, giving U.S. investors easy access to China's growth potential.

4.Find Chinese companies that are also listed on U.S. exchanges.
These cross-listed stocks, called American Depository Receipts (ADRs), are a safer way to invest in Chinese equities. ADRs eliminate currency risk and reduce the danger of government abuse.

5.Invest in companies listed on the Hong Kong exchanges.
The legal and business environment is safer than mainland Chinese markets for foreign investors. However, many of these companies do extensive business on the mainland.

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