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The Six Steps to Apply for China Work Visa (Z Visa)

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According to the Report on the Work of the Government 2021, Li Keqiang, the State Council's premier, announced that China would continue to advance reform and opening-up across the board and develop a higher-standard open economy and build a globally oriented network of high-standard free trade zones. Indeed, as China Work Visa's application process has been simplified over the years, more and more foreign enterprises intend to set up offices and help global professionals and intellectuals work in China.
There are six steps to obtain a work visa and a resident permit in China. The instruction is as follows
Step One:
Taking physical examination at the appointed hospital (staff and family members who over 18 years old).
Documents needed:
1. Two-inch color photos with white background;
2. Original passport.
Step Two:
Registered your company information online
Documents from Applicants Employer:
1. Colour scanning of business license;
2. Companys full name in English;
3. Colour scanning of ID card and office phone number for the legal person;
4. Colour scanning of ID card/email / office phone number / mobile phone number for contacts.

Step Three:
Apply notification letter of work permit
Documents to be provided by Applicant:
1. Color copy of passport home page;
2. Fill in the information collection form;
3. Original legalized of the degree certificate (Bachelors degree above);
Original certificate for above two years working experience;
Original legalized of no criminal certificate;
Original of Physical Examination Record;
One 2-inch color photos with white background ;
Original of labor contract;
Step Four:
Apply for the Z visa from the Chinese embassy
Documents to be provided by Applicant:
1. Original of passport;
2. Notification Letter of Work Permit;
3. One 2-inch color photos with white background;
Step Five:
Apply for the Work Permit. It needs to submit an application on the internet first, then make an appointment.
Documents to be provided by Applicant: 
1. Original of passport
2. Temporary Residence Registration Certificate (issued by local police station within 24 hours of arrival to China).
3. Original of labor contract
4. Original of Physical Examination Record
Step Six:
Apply for the residence permit.
Documents to be provided by Applicant:
1. Original of passport
2. Work permit
3. One 2-inch color photos with white background
4. Temporary Residence Registration Certificate (issued by local police station)
Notice: It is to be translated into a Chinese version for all languages other than Chinese documents.

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