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Beijing Company Branding Strategies

Update Date:2015-12-25 10:23:06 Source:BeiJing Tannet Views:2038
Beijing company branding strategies aim at helping the company in its brand promotion through unique branding strategies. The rapid growth of Beijing economy is creating new opportunities for foreign investors across different industry sectors. Whether targeting consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) markets, it is essential to spend time developing a branding strategy best suited to Beijing economic environment for Beijing companies.

Beijing Company Branding Strategies--Brand Naming of Beijing Company
Names are imbued with deep significance in Beijing and the importance of your Chinese brand name cannot be understated. The product name is the first thing potential customers see and, if carefully chosen, it helps cultivate the image you want associated with your product. A direct, phonetic translation of your company name into Chinese may sound clumsy and the meaning will not relate to the product, so many foreign companies consult specialists to help choose a new Chinese name that has positive metaphorical connotations, thereby creating an emotional connection with the customer. It is also worth considering how the chosen brand name translates when spoken in each of China’s seven main regional dialect groups.
Beijing Company Branding Strategies--Brand Localization of Beijing Company
Many foreign companies have failed in Beijing by assuming that products and services will automatically have the same appeal in Beijing as in their home market. It is critically important, particularly in consumer markets, that companies take time to fully understand the needs and preferences of local Chinese customers, which are often informed by China’s unique cultural heritage. Although not relevant for all products, it may be important to explore whether the product or brand could be localized to resonate better with a Chinese audience. This could range from using local Chinese flavors in a food product to adapting the colors and images used in a specific marketing campaign.

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