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Hong Kong Trademark Registration

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Hong Kong Trademark Registration in Beijing.Hong Kong Trademark Registration introduction
Trademarks are protected in Hong Kong by the Trade Marks Ordinance and by the Common law doctrine of passing off.The protection by passing off alone is the last resort. Enforcement by way of passing off entails copious proof of establishment of goodwill. Unregistered mark also leaves the trademark register wide open for third party to register an identical or similar mark to it.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration in Beijing.Hong Kong Trademark Registraion --  Target Group
Trademark application in Hong Kong can be based on intent to use basis. No proof of use is required for the issuance of the trademark certificate or for renewal. Nevertheless, if a registered trademark is not used in Hong Kong for any continuous period of 3 years, any interested person can apply for its removal on the ground of non-use.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration in Beijing.What counts as use include use in Hong Kong by the owner, its licensee or any person with the owner's consent. Registration of licensee is not mandatory but is advisable from the point of view of the licensee.Foreign company or individual can apply to register their marks in Hong Kong without nationality restriction or residency requirement.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration in Beijing.Hong Kong Trademark Registration Advantages
1) Registration ensures that you can safely use your trademark without worrying about any unintentional infringement on third party's trademark.

2) Trademark certificate is the best proof of your claim on the mark.

3) Registration enables lawful use of ® next to your trademark.

4) Registration blocks other people from registering an identical mark on your specified goods.

5) Registration gives you a good ground to oppose any attempt by your competitors to register a confusingly similar mark.

6) Registration empowers you to take legal action against counterfeiters.

7) Registered trademark is a corporate asset which is useful when making valuation of your company in M&A or IPO situations.
8) Registration in an important city and trading centre like Hong Kong is essential for export or global marketing plans.

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