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Overview of Hong Kong Trademark

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Hong Kong Trademark Registration- Concepts
The trademark registration system of Hong Kong provides territorial protection. Hence, trademarks registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China or trademarks registries of other countries or regions do not automatically receive protection in Hong Kong. In order to obtain protection as registered trademarks in Hong Kong, trademarks must be registered under the Trade Marks Ordinance (Chapter 559) and the Trade Marks Rules (Chapter 559A).

Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Advantages

Registering your trademark means that you have the exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to the goods and services for which the mark is registered. If other people use it in the course of trade or business in Hong Kong in relation to the same or similar goods or services without your consent, they may be liable for infringement of your mark and you may take legal action against them. Unregistered trademarks may be protected by the common law action of passing off. You must prove reputation in the unregistered mark and must prove that the other person's use of the mark will cause you damage. Passing off is usually a more difficult action to bring than an action for infringement of a registered trademark.

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