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The Importance of China Trademark Registration

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Unlike the United States’ first-to-use trademark registration system, China employs a first-to-file trademark registration system that some foreign investors or businessmen are unaware of. Under such circumstances, it is of great importance to register your trademark with the Chinese Trademark Office even you havent entered the Chinese marketplace yet. The reasons are as follows:


First, even you have registered your trademark in your own country or regions, Chinas State Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) wont recognize it until you register one with AIC in China. Secondly, registering your trademark in China in advance is an effective method to counter bad faith registrations. Some speculators would register a trademark utilized overseas and sell it at higher prices to the rightful owners who wanted to get its trademark ownership rights back. Thirdly, it is a legal approach to protect against counterfeiting and reduce your financial losses. Therefore, in order to protect your trademark in China, it is first and foremost for you to obtain your trademark registration in China.


China Trademark Registration

I Document Required

1. Trademark logo (JPG or PDF format) and trademark words.

2. The goods and services that will be associated with your trademark.

3. Business Registration (BR) or ID cards of trademark owner.

4. Contact (including telephone, fax, and email).


II Apply Process

1. Provide the trademark logo & words.

2. To search the trademark in the database of the Trademark Office, and make suggestions accordingly with our analysis about registration probabilities.

3. Send the trademark registration & invoice letter, if the report shows the trademark can be registered. Send the reason & advice letter if the trade cant be registered.

4. Confirm the trademark registration, sign an entrustment agreement and power of attorney for trademark application, and pay the bill.

5. Prepare trademark application form and submit the application in two working days.

6. Submit the application documents to the Trademark office.

7. A Trademark Acceptance Notice will be received in about three months upon submission of the application.

8. An announcement will be made for the trademark in about two years upon submission of application for a term of approximately three months.

9. The trademark will be granted if no opposition is received during the announcement period.

10. The trademark will be approved if no opposition is received during the announcement period.

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