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Beijing Investment Environment

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Beijing Investment Service
Beijing - the capital of The People's Republic of China is China's political, cultural and international exchange centre, it’s a comprehensive industrial city. With a city area of 16,410.54 square kilometers, the city's resident population of 1,633 million people. CPC Beijing municipal government put forward the "capital economy" concept. Beijing's economic development based in Beijing, serves the entire country assists the rest of China to face the world, it has experienced rapid economic growth. In terms of economic strength it ranks first in mainland China.

Beijing Investment Service,Beijing is China's important financial centre and business centre, the country's financial macro-control department transferred the PBOC, CBRC, CSRC, CIRC to Beijing. Including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, including four state-owned commercial banks, China's major commercial banks, the National Development Bank, China Agricultural Development Bank and other policy-related banks. A large number of foreign multinationals have established regional headquarters in Beijing. Currently in Beijing, foreign representative offices in Beijing hare more than 7000. The world's largest 500 multinational corporations have invested more than 160billion in Beijing.

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Zhongguancun has more than 17,000 foreign students.who use the  new innovation centre. Zhongguancun was a brilliant creation. Every 4.8 minutes the birth of an enterprise occurs.Large companies are opened every 3.6 days, and are among the ranks of annual sales income of hundreds of million. Today, Zhongguancun has become a veritable "China's Silicon Valley." Beijing city's economic and technical classes, high-tech industrial categories, types, etc. Industrial Park features a total of 28 types of development zones.

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide- investment environment
2007 Beijing GDP 935.33 billion yuan, an increase of 12.3%. Per capita GDP reached 58,204 yuan, in mainland China after Shanghai. Beijing first, second, the tertiary industry respectively reached 98 billion, 221.72 billion and 540.51 billion yuan (2006), the third industry scale ranks first in China, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached 70%. The disposable income of urban and rural residents in the year 19,978 yuan, compared with 12.2% real growth in 2005, the disposable income of rural residents 8620 yuan, the actual increase of 8.7%. Beijing residents have higher spending power,

Beijing Investment Service.2006 full-year total retail sales of social consumer goods to 327.52 billion yuan, up 12.8%. According to conservative estimates 2004-2008 five-year period, total retail sales of social consumer goods to Beijing reached 13,000 yuan, nearly 300 billion yuan market increments. In the State Council approved the "Beijing Urban Master Plan (2004-2020)," Beijing has been defined as "the national capital, international city, cultural city, livable city."

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