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Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide-Beijing's development strategies, priorities and investment directions:
1. Give priority to the development of high-tech industry, which is Beijing's economic development wrapped in a long-term strategy, Beijing will continue to vigorously introduce international advanced technology, increase R & D investment to accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and foster high-tech industry group to promote the technology industry internationalization. Beijing to encourage high-tech joint-venture cooperation, and promote high-tech exports, is the focus of science and technology for opening up, Beijing will actively fostering electronic information industry, biological engineering and new medicine, optical integration, and new materials, such as four new high-tech industries .

2. In the next 12 years there will be a further speeding up of the modernization of urban infrastructure. Beijing should continue to improve the infrastructure, water supply, gas supply, heat supply. electricity, transport, environment. Along with other systems such as the focus on building a number of economic and social developments concerning major projects to greatly improve the urban environment. The urban service functions have improved significantly. Beijing will continue to expedite the transformation of urban roads to maximize the development of the city and the neighboring provinces and cities in suburban traffic.

3. The strengthening of industrial and enterprise reform, focusing on the development of technology-intensive automotive, electronics, machinery and other pillar industries, and Beijing in the next 11 years to cultivate a large number of international and domestic brand-name products, the development of a group of international and domestic market, the advantages of strong enterprises, promote the rapid development of industrial enterprises in Beijing.

4. They are vigorously developing modern agriculture, ecological agriculture and sightseeing agriculture. These new types of agriculture are in line with Beijing's advantages, which have broad market demand. Encourage the promotion of science and technology, using the agricultural sector to actively develop fine agriculturally related products, improve the level of deep processing of agricultural products as well as value-added products.

5. The establishment of services to the capital, the whole country and the world, structural optimization, full-featured system for the tertiary industry. Beijing will vigorously develop tourism, finance and insurance, transport and postal communications; development and improvement of commercial services; actively cultivate information consulting industry and international trade, and the steady development of real estate.

6. To increase residential housing construction and urban inhabitable house intensity. Beijing will develop specific policies to encourage foreign investment in residential construction of Beijing residents take part in city inhabitable houses.

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide-business investment
An open investment environment, Beijing has attracted more than 90 foreign countries and regions came to Beijing to invest in BVI professionals for overseas persons (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to invest in China and the Chinese mainland enterprises to invest overseas to provide one-stop, personalized consulting services.

Beijing Investment Service.1. WFOE
Foreign-owned enterprises refer to foreign investors (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors), according to "The People's Republic of China Foreign Law" and other relevant laws, set up by domestic investors in China, all capital from foreign investors to beinvested in businesses. Foreign investors refer to the foreign enterprises, individuals or partners (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Foreign-funded enterprises can enjoy the income tax "two exemptions and three reductions" of preferential policies, high-tech enterprises can also enjoy more benefits. Frequently asked professionals for overseas persons (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to invest in enterprises in China to provide one-stop, personalized consulting services.

Beijing Investment Service.2.  Representative Office
For some test just to enter China market, foreign-funded enterprises set up representative offices is a better solution. Representative offices of foreign enterprises, foreign enterprises in China, also known as permanent representative offices of foreign companies in China set up a representative office is the parent company in the country's business liaison. Frequently asked professionals for overseas persons (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to invest in enterprises in China to provide one-stop, personalized consulting services.

Beijing Investment Service.3.  Joint Venture
Joint venture means that Chinese joint ventures with foreign joint ventures in accordance with Chinese law, invest in China and jointly operated in accordance with the ratio of investment to share profits, share risks and losses of enterprises. Chinese enterprises to foreign companies or investors can rely on the overseas market to expand the market, foreign companies and investors can also be faster and better through the Chinese enterprises to enter the Chinese market. Frequently asked questions for business professionals to provide no national boundaries, across industries, one-stop, personalized business consulting services.

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide-Beijing transitional preferential corporate income tax
Enterprise according to the original tax laws, administrative regulations and administrative rules and regulations have the effect of document provides for the enjoyment of the enterprise income tax preferential policies, according to the following approach to implement the transition:

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide-The talent market
Beijing brought together a large number of overseas-educated people, particularly high-tech, high-capacity talents. In order to enable enterprises to fully utilize the rich talent market Beijing, Frequently asked a series of carefully tailored for the enterprise human resources management, information kits, as well as more enterprises to strategic development solutions for the enterprise to provide professional and comprehensive consulting services.

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide-Work Visas

The Chinese government on the employment of foreigners in China to implement licensing system. In Beijing, the employing unit should be the employment of foreigners in Beijing after entry to the labor and social security department in employment, approval procedures, to obtain "employment permit for foreigners" and foreign residence documentation before employment in Beijing. Frequently asked questions to help staff and management personnel stationed in foreign-funded enterprises apply for work visas for overseas people who work without distraction.

Beijing Investment Service.Beijing Investment Guide-Opening Bank Accounts

Any business or individual in Beijing, open a bank account without any restriction, may, at any one domestic bank or the Netherlands, Standard Chartered and a number of foreign banks to open accounts. Frequently asked various banks in Beijing have close business contacts, select the frequently asked questions can make you open a bank account more convenient and faster.

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