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Beijing Investment Guide-investment

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Beijing Investment Guide-investment incentives for foreign investors:

1. China’s capital Beijing is strongly influenced by the world. The National Party, government, and military heads of agencies and national corporate headquarters, trade associations, financial institutions, the headquarters. CPC Central Committee and State Council in Beijing, the formulation of national development, the major principles and policies, leading the country's modernization. Beijing's international and domestic official and social exchanges busy every day and release a large amount of economic and social information, reflecting China's direction & development.

2. Beijing has the most a dvantages location wisein China, the city of Beijing’s centre, embraces the Liaodong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, including Beijing, Tianjin Bohai economic circle, industrial base, rich in natural resources, population density, market potential is huge, China's future economic development is most active and continues to have high development potential of all regions.

3. Beijing is the country's financial decision-maker and home to the macro-control centre. The central bank and other policy banks, commercial banks, commercial insurance and other major financial institutions headquartered in Beijing, involving the country's monetary and financial policy formulation and promulgation systems.

4. Beijing is China's most prosperous and developed city, and home to the most progressive scientific, educational, and cultural facilities. Having a wide range of disciplines, and its research fields also have strong capability in natural sciences, technical sciences and social science systems. It is known as the country's largest domestic and international research base and is an important dissemination centre for scientific and technical information. Beijing residents in China, hold the highest levels of education. Fourteen in every 100 people have higher education qualifications. These talented and educated Beijing residents are accelerating the pace of large-scale constructions of cultural facilities.

5. Beijing has China's highest level of urban infrastructure modernization. Beijing City’s transport routes extend in all directions, leading to the surrounding areas of Jingjintang and Shijiazhuang. The airport highway forms the skeleton of a modern transportation system. Beijing newly built West Railway Station is Asia's largest railway passenger transport centre. Beijing Capital International Airport is the country's largest airport. Routes connecting the world. Beijing has become China’s and other countries central postal service, a major hub of communications. Installed local telephone capacity has reached 4.62 million.

6. Beijing is China's overall economic strength. Beijing has a strong foundation. Its system integrity of the secondary industry, especially the reform and opening up the past two decades, has ensured that secondary industry maintains a high growth rate. Currently, Beijing is adjusting the industrial layout structure with the focus on positive developments. High-tech industries and light, low-power, and non-polluting new industries. Beijing's agricultural technical level of the country. Beijing development of the tertiary industry has been much faster than other industries, and is the leading industry supporting the economic development of Beijing.

7. Beijing is an internationally renowned tourism tourist destination, and as a famous cultural city, its cultural relics and scenic spots are numerous. There there’s the rich and colorful folk culture of Beijing. ‘Guozijian Ancient Street Culture’. ‘The White Cloud Temple festival’ and other folk activities all located in important areas. Beijing's foreign affairs hotels spread widely, raising the alrady high standard of tourism services. Hence, the tourist reception capacity intake continue’s to grow.

8. Beijing is China's leading international exchange centre. Beijing is central to China's reform, broadening the channels of foreign relations and expanding the export-oriented economy arm. Beijing actively attracts foreign multinational corporations in Beijing. These establishments are holding companies or are regional headquarters based in Beijing.

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